Month: April 2013

An American Perspective on Low Water Levels

We in Georgian Bay are not the only ones wringing our hands with the prospect of low water levels this summer. Water levels are just that, level. Despite scientists telling us that Georgian Bay is likely to face even lower water levels over the centuries and millennia to come as the land continues to experience post-glacial isostatic rebound, the reality now is that low water levels in Georgian Bay mean lower levels in Lake Michigan and the west coast of Lake Huron. So if there is a ‘conspiracy’ to steal Great Lakes water the impact will be felt by both nations. With that out of the way, here’s a link to a report (USA Today – Low Great Lakes water levels plague shipping, recreation) that suggests the water levels will rebound this summer, but not as much as we would like.

That means paying more attention to the charts. What was known to be close to the surface, and a hazard, will now be visible and easily avoided. But what wasn’t a problem last year or the year before will now be lurking just below the surface, ready to ding a prop, or take off the whole lower unit. So to take a line from the television show Hill Street Blues, “Be careful out there”.

Low Water? Better Than No Water for These Guys. (March 2013)