The Parry Sound Power and Sail GeoBayCache Program is being refreshed (September 2016).

We are in the process of installing and replacing geocaches on the islands in the area around Parry Sound. Some of locations may be familiar destinations for you (Huckleberry Island, Franklin Island, The Pancakes, Copegog and Wreck Islands), others may be islands you have heard of but not visited (Winnett Island, Sandy Island, Windsor Island), eight in total. These first locations have been selected to get you out and exploring while not representing too much of a challenge in terms of water access. Check out the individual GeoBayCache pages for details on the exact location and status of the caches. Not all caches are listed as we are in the process of updating the locations and confirming their status.

As always – be careful when boating and exploring. Operating a boat, boarding and disembarking, hiking and any type of outdoor activity carries risks. We have attempted to make the geocaching program fun and safe, but there is always the possibility of accidents. A location that is easily accessible with a small boat may be more of a challenge with a larger vessel. Wind and waves can make a big difference. So boat and explore safely.

There is no intent to make these caches difficult to find. If you can get to the island and you have the GPS coordinates you should be able to easily find the cache. We won’t be using camouflage to make them harder to find, or tucking them into the crook of a tree branch. Just be sure to replace the cache where you found it after signing the log and taking one of the location cards.

We would like people who find a geocache to post their ‘find’ on our Facebook page (Parry Sound Boating). That will let us know how much activity there is and will let others know that it ‘can be done’. Be sure to let us know if there is an issue with a particular cache. We want to make sure they are properly stocked and are where the GPS coordinates suggest they should be.

Happy boating, happy exploring – think safety, and watch out for poison ivy and the protected Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake as you explore the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve.

New  Style Power and Sail Squadron GeoBayCaches

Power and Sail Squadron Geochaches 2016-09



Old Style Parry Sound GeoBayCache with Contents. (Being replaced, Coke can for size comparison).



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