Month: August 2012

Labour Day Rendezvous Reminder

There will be a Parry Sound Power and Sail Squadron rendezvous this weekend organized by Training Officer Andy Devos. The original invitation is available from this link. All are welcome. Anne and I will be boating by on Saturday, and I know that others are planning on bringing their boats and ‘sleeping over’.

Oh, the weather promises to be perfect for Friday and Saturday. Sunday is another issue, so arrive early to enjoy the weather and the company of other boaters.

Parry Sound Forecast: August 28 – September 3

Copegog Dock Repaired

We went by yesterday and saw that the Copegog picnic area dock, one of our favourite quick stop spots in the Georgian Bay Biosphere,  had been repaired in the last couple of weeks. I’m not sure who is responsible but they have our thanks and appreciation. Unlike earlier in the season (as shown below) the dock is able to accommodate as many as four boats in the 20 to 30 foot size range.

Copegog docks before the August repair. (For scale that’s a 21 foot Scout tied up to the dock).

Labour Day Weekend Boating Rendezvous

Power Squadron members Anne and Andy Devos (Squadron Training Officer) invite all interested to boat over and join them for a Labour Day weekend rendezvous. Stay for the day, night or weekend and enjoy a little rest, relaxation and boating fun. The more the merrier. It’s a great opportunity to share experiences and meet other boaters.

The location is: 45° 23.24 N, 80° 19.68 W.

If you’re a Power and Sail Squadron member you know how to find it. If you’re not, you can figure it out. Or take one of the upcoming Power and Sail Squadron courses this winter to be prepared for next year. If it sounds like fun and you can’t figure out where it is, send us a note and we’ll happy to fill you in with the location details ( .

Andy and Anne will be there from Friday afternoon through Monday.

It’s better on the Bay.

Facebook Page – Up and Running

We have our Facebook page up and operational. For many of you this may be a much easier way to keep up-to-date on happenings on the water in the Parry Sound area and Squadron activities.

Our page can be found at “Parry Sound Boating”. Please take a look and like our page so that you can receive a direct feed of the latest news.

Have something to post; articles, boating links or photos? Send a message to to get it on our Facebook wall. Want to post on a regular basis? Let us know and we can provide you with editorial privileges. Until we are proven wrong we’ll assume that more information is better than too little.

Oh, and a safety tip. Don’t forget to keep an eye out behind you. Things can ‘sneak’ up and surprise you. If we hadn’t seen it our self we would have thought this was a case of ‘jumping the shark’. Boat safely.

PWC meets boat, no one wins.

Coast Guard Radio – Changes Planned

The federal government plans to close the Coast Guard Radio Station at Thunder Bay and move the services it provides to Sarnia by 2014.

Thunder Bay Coast Guard Radio is a considered by many boaters to be a vital communications link for marine traffic on Georgian Bay.

The plan is that Sarnia will monitor VHF  Channel 16, the International Distress Channel, for the Canadian waters of  Lake Superior, St. Mary’s River, the North Channel, Lake Huron, Georgian  Bay, the St. Clair and Detroit Rivers, Lake St. Clair, and the western portion of Lake Erie as well as broadcast important weather and safety information.

CAW Local 2182, which represents Thunder Bay Coast Guard Radio, is presently mounting a public awareness campaign, to state that moving these communications services further away from the areas they serve as a cost cutting measure may put lives at risk.

They are asking that boaters who feel strongly about this issue write their MP.