Month: May 2013

Christmas in July – Want to Help Light It Up?

Once again the Parry Sound Power and Sail Squadron is organizing a ‘Christmas in July’ ‘boat-by’ as part of the Canada Day celebrations in the Parry Sound Harbour.

This involves one or two dozen boats following each other into the harbour as a procession, fully rigged with lights. A bit like floating Christmas lights.

If you are interested contact John Mason, Squadron Executive Officer at:
705.342.1315, Power Squadron membership is not required to participate.

Here are a couple photos from last year’s Canada Day celebrations. (Click for larger images.)


VHF Course (Restricted Operator Certificate Maritime, ROC-M)

This two evening course is scheduled  for May 22nd and 29th.

This course includes instruction and the course materials (complete package with CD), and covers Digital Selective Calling (DSC).  This course will prepare you for the Restricted Operator Certificate (Maritime) exam. The exam is administered on the last second day. Successful completion provides you with a Restricted Operator Certificate (Maritime), including DSC.

To operate a maritime radio, you need the certificate.  It is the law!  The Maritime Radio course teaches emergency radio procedures, as well as everyday operating techniques.

Register with John Mason at least a week in advance so course materials can be ordered.

705.342.1315 OR

Cost: $75.00