The Pancakes (Active)

** News Update as of August 16, 2019**

We’ve received a report that the public dock at the Pancakes is damaged and unsafe.  If you are visiting the island, do not use the dock until it is fully restored.  If anyone is passing by the Pancakes, please give us your observation in a comment.


The Pancakes are one of the most visited islands due to the accessibility and because of the Islands’ natural beauty.

The cache coordinates are:
45º 20.336′
-080º 17.527′

There is a government dock on The Pancakes, but it can fill up so be prepared to circle back in an hour if you don’t want to anchor and ‘dinghy’ in to shore. The water is high enough that access to the dock is much easier than in previous years. The island itself is quite flat, ergo the name, and quite easy to get around and explore. It also offers crude but quite usable bathroom facilities.

The cache is located behind one of 3 distinctive rocks.  After finding it, make sure that you walk along the wonderful shoreline to catch views as shown in the last photo below.

This page was last updated on August 5th, 2018

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