Month: November 2012

PSPS Santa Claus Float Successfully Launched

Parry Sound Power and Sail Squadron and Sail Parry Sound successfully launched their jointly sponsored float in the Parry Sound Santa Claus parade this past Saturday. Thanks to the participation of a few dedicated members the float featured an Optimus class sailboat rigged with lights in the bed of a pickup truck. This was followed by a 21′ Scout dressed in garland and lights, carrying a crew of all ‘nice’ kids, and possibly ‘naughty’ supervising adults. All were properly equipped with life vests. The foot patrol of men and dog, similarly equipped with life vests, handed out safe boating course leaflets and mints.

You had to be there to have fully enjoyed it. Interested? We look forward to your participation next year. Here are a few photos from the parade. Happy holidays and safe boating. For information about upcoming boating courses please head to


Still Need Santa Claus Parade Volunteers

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in the Parry Sound Santa Claus Parade as part of the Parry Sound Power and Sail Squadron entry. In partnership with Sail Parry Sound we will be towing a 21′ outboard with lights and music behind a pickup, with a small sail boat in the back of the pick up.

We have room  for a couple of more people on the boat, and unlimited room for people to walk along with the float. All that is required is two feet, a heartbeat, and a life jacket to be worn over your winter jacket.

We are promoting boating safety and our in-town courses that start after the holidays.

Give us a call at 705/774-9350 or 705/342-1315, or email, if you are interested.

Santa Claus Parade – Volunteers Required

The Parry Sound Power and Sail Squadron, in partnership with Sail Parry Sound, will be entering a sail and power float into this year’s Parry Sound Santa Claus parade. We pretty much have the logistics worked out for what boats, what truck, what type of lights, etc.

What we need is people to sit on the boat, preferably with a kid or two, all wearing life jackets over your winter clothes. It would also be great to have people to walk along with the float and hand out Power Squadron information flyers.

Please let us know if you are interested in participating in any manner. You can reach us at, or 774-9350. We can use all of the enthusiastic help we can get.

The parade is November 24th, from 4:30 to 6:00. You will need to be available around 4:00/4:15. We walk, or ride, from the corner of Joseph and Isabella Streets to the Stockey Centre. (It’s pretty much all downhill.)