Month: January 2014

Walking on Water – Big Sound Style

It’s that time of the year when we are able to walk on water. I’m able to confirm that the Big Sound is frozen over. In some places the ice is a bit ‘mushy’, while in others it’s ‘rock solid’ which is why it’s a good idea to head out on snowshoes So if you decide to wander out, take care. With the deep freeze forecast for the next few days the mushy spots should be solid by this time next week.

The Squadron’s Boating Essentials course being held at Canadore College in Parry Sound is now in session with a total of nine students. Coming this Spring will be the VHF course. Advanced courses are also by arrangement. If you are interested connect with John Mason at

Here’s a sunset shot from yesterday of Parry Island taken ‘off shore’, with Zhiishiib Rock to the right. ‘Clic on the pic’ to see the bigger picture. (JB – Communications Officer)


The Big Picture – Frozen Style

If you are wondering about the big picture, here’s a plot of ice coverage over the eastern Great Lakes as of January 15, 2014. I found it yesterday after posting the photo from Belvedere Hill. Click on the image and you will be able to see the legend which makes things pretty clear. Here’s the link to the site from where the map was taken. (The map you see below is #5 on the list if you follow the link.)

When you click on the image below you can see the Big Sound is in what’s considered ‘Medium Lake Ice’, which thins out until you hit the larger part of Georgian Bay. Lake Erie appears to be ‘blessed’ with even more substantial ice coverage than Georgian Bay. (JB – Communications Officer).