Month: May 2019

Geocaching 2019

As we make eager preparations for the new boating season, many are looking for new and fun activities on Georgian Bay and the local lakes.  One of the popular and growing activities is Geocaching where a container, or cache, is strategically hidden somewhere on an island and the only way to find it is with a GPS.  Free software is available online for your phone or tablet to guide you on the journey.

Once found, open the package to discover a trinket that you can keep, take a laminated information card providing useful details about the hosting island, sign your name on the log book and leave a new trinket, usually a pen, key chain, mini-flag or similar nik-nak, so that the next adventurer can trade theirs.

ParrySound Boating maintains 6 cache sites.  Details are in the menu above.

Iā€™m also looking for a few helpers that are willing to check our caches and report status back to me from time to time.  This will help keep the caches stocked and ready for the next adventurer.  Contact me at if interested.

If anyone has suggestions for a new cache spot on the Bay that is accessible by boat and has safe docking facilities, please leave a comment.

Boat safely.  Enjoy the natural beauty of our waters.

Joe Grasso