Month: January 2019

New Course: CPS BOATING 2


Do you already have your PCOC Card?
Do you boat on Georgian Bay, 30,000 islands?

Learn about navigation and a lot more…

Take our CPS BOATING 2 Course!

a 5-week course, starting January 23RD, 2019

This Course is the ideal follow-up for boaters who have their PCOC but are interested in expanding their knowledge to areas such as simple coastal navigation, rules of the road, chart work (paper and electronic), anchoring and towing, marlinspike, safety practices and more!

If you fall off a boat and use your PFD accidently you have already broken a rule or two. 

Every lesson you will be given a tip or two on how you and your crew can stay on your boat.

For more information about course:   Call 705-342.1315 OR email: