The Parry Sound Power and Sail Squadron offer courses every year.

The Marine Radio Course (VHF), is held April and May each year.

Boating 2 and 3 are offered in the Fall or Winter.  These advanced courses are usually of interest for boaters who have moved from a water ski or runabout to a larger boat or who are looking to expand their boating horizons.

Other courses are held from time to time.  The Seamanship course was held in 2016. An overview of the various courses is available at the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron website through this link.

For more information or to register, contact:
John Mason:
(705) 342-1315


    1. Hi, we are planning to offer Boating 2 and 3 and likely the radio course this winter/spring but the schedule hasn’t been finalized yet. We will send you a notice when the course schedule is ready and it will be posted to this website.

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