Month: January 2012

The Boating Course Started – You Missed It

Contact us for information on when the next course will be offered

This course provides in depth boat operation and safety training as the next step  after the boating card.  The BOATING COURSE starts January 16th and is especially needed as boaters experience twofootitis and as eyes are set on further harbours.

In Spring, Marine Radio Courses will be offered.  You must have this radio licence to operate a VHF radio on the water.

For more information call: John at 342-1315 OR Andy at 773-9527

Want to know why you should take the course? Read on:

Why should I take a safe boating course?”

Would you start driving a car before taking a course or driving lessons? No, and for good reason. But the answer to the same question about operating a boat, whether a power boat, personal watercraft or sailboat, is often very different. Most people believe that operating a boat is easier than operating a car.  Perhaps not!

Let’s think about this comparison. On the written driver test you must identify road signs. The same is true for travel on the water.  More than sixty different signs, markers, lights and flags are noted in Transport Canada’s Safe Boating Guide. Do you know them all? Continue reading