Hubert Latzel – Remembrance

Those of you who have read the preceding posts are well aware that there will not be a formal service for Past Commander Dr. Latzel. I received the following message earlier today and am happy to post it as written (it was directed to the people at Torrance Funeral Home from Hubert’s family):

Hello Steve,
the link to donations for my dad is this (a little awkward, but it works):
– it allows general donations in multiples of $10.
Please specify that
– for “in Memory of”, please put in “P/Cdr Hubert Latzel”
Could you have this posted on your site?

I think that this is a great way to express our appreciation for Hubert’s contribution as a Parry Sound Power Squadron member and friend to many in the community. But I’d like the squadron to consider another way to commemorate Hubert.

It’s not often that an individual in a completely innocent way expresses one of their deepest wishes. This was the case with Hubert. Those of you who were at the last meeting of the Parry Sound Power Squadron Bridge will remember his wish/recommendation that the squadron take on the rehabilitation of the dock at Regatta Bay on Franklin Island. Hubert discussed the obvious need for repair and the impending challenge of working through the bureaucratic red tape to see it realized. He was direct and passionate in making this proposal to the Bridge.

Is this perhaps the  best way for the squadron to honour the memory of a friend and past commander? I think it is and and I will be bringing it before the Bridge at our next meeting. It’s not often that life and fate provides the opportunity to fulfill what was perhaps a man’s last wish. Hubert had a wonderful and selfless idea that I hope the Parry Sound Power Squadron will work to realize.