Delivering the Goods – Smelter Wharf

Following last week’s post I though it might be interesting to see a slightly more ‘romantic’ photo of a ‘saltie’ in the Parry sound Harbour. In this case it’s the Algorail delivering salt to the Smelter Wharf in the outer Parry Sound harbour.



At this point she’s fully unloaded with the draft marks showing her sitting at about 12 feet. The draft marks go up to 30 feet.

There’s more water at the Smelter Wharf than in the inner harbour. Right beside the wharf the charts show a little more than 20 feet, but this quickly drops off to 45 feet and then 75 feet.  Not quite the same challenge as docking at the inner harbour of Parry Sound. I suspect that there might be a little bit of grinding when the ‘saltie’ first pulls into position at the dock given how close it is tied to the wharf, the 20 foot depth at that spot, and the somewhat lower water levels this time of year.

JB – Communications Officer