Geocache Placed – The Pancakes

Parry Sound Power and Sail Squadron’s fourth GeoBayCache has been placed and confirmed on The Pancakes, an island a couple of kilometres south of Snug Harbour. (Our Commander managed to place this one and a couple others last weekend and I’m just getting around to posting them up.) It’s officially Cache #9.

The cache coordinates are:

This is the same as:
45º 20.424′
-080º 17.683′

Depending on whether you are using a Degrees or Degrees/Minutes format.

There is a government dock on The Pancakes, but it can fill up so be prepared to circle back in an hour if you don’t want to anchor and ‘dinghy’ in to shore. The water is high enough that access to the dock is much easier than in previous years. The island itself is quite flat, ergo the name, and quite easy to get around and explore. It also offers some crude but quite usable bathroom facilities.

As always (You are a Power Squadron graduate aren’t you?) be careful on the water and on the islands. You may come across poison ivy and the protected Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake. Neither should be a concern if you keep your eyes and ears open and your hands to yourself.

Check out information at the Parry Sound Power and Sail Squadron GeoBayCaching page for information on the Squadron’s geocaching program.