Visit of Royal Canadian Navy Sail Training Vessel, 2022

Squadron members, particularly sailors, might like to know that HMCS Oriole, the sail training vessel of the Royal Canadian Navy, will be arriving in Parry Sound on the morning of July 9, and staying over the 9th and 10th at the Town Dock.

A flotilla at a respectful distance is a nice welcome as long as it disperses at the narrows. 
The ship is belatedly celebrating her centennial. She is more than 100’ long, with a wooden main mast equal to her length. She is a ketch, with more than 13,000 square feet of sail, ALL raised without winches. 
Most junior and non-commissioned officers in the RCN train in Oriole for a time, to gain valuable experience at sea under sail.

She will be a beautiful sight in the Sound.

Special thanks to Marianne King-Wilson for sending us the news of the HMCS Oriole visit to Parry Sound.