Coast Guard Radio – Changes Planned

The federal government plans to close the Coast Guard Radio Station at Thunder Bay and move the services it provides to Sarnia by 2014.

Thunder Bay Coast Guard Radio is a considered by many boaters to be a vital communications link for marine traffic on Georgian Bay.

The plan is that Sarnia will monitor VHF  Channel 16, the International Distress Channel, for the Canadian waters of  Lake Superior, St. Mary’s River, the North Channel, Lake Huron, Georgian  Bay, the St. Clair and Detroit Rivers, Lake St. Clair, and the western portion of Lake Erie as well as broadcast important weather and safety information.

CAW Local 2182, which represents Thunder Bay Coast Guard Radio, is presently mounting a public awareness campaign, to state that moving these communications services further away from the areas they serve as a cost cutting measure may put lives at risk.

They are asking that boaters who feel strongly about this issue write their MP.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting information about the closure of Thunder Bay Coast Guard Radio. We are at a crucial time for boaters to contact their MP or Minister Ashfield to express their concern about their safety with the closure of this station. For more information about protecting your safety by speaking up for Thunder Bay Coast Guard Radio please contact Marcie Lavoie, CAW Local 2182 Shop Steward at or (807) 767-5504 or visit our website at: or find us on FaceBook at Save Thunder Bay Marine Communications & Traffic Services Centre. Help save us so we can be there to help save you!

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