Facebook Page – Up and Running

We have our Facebook page up and operational. For many of you this may be a much easier way to keep up-to-date on happenings on the water in the Parry Sound area and Squadron activities.

Our page can be found at “Parry Sound Boating”. Please take a look and like our page so that you can receive a direct feed of the latest news.

Have something to post; articles, boating links or photos? Send a message to communications@parrysoundsquadron.ca to get it on our Facebook wall. Want to post on a regular basis? Let us know and we can provide you with editorial privileges. Until we are proven wrong we’ll assume that more information is better than too little.

Oh, and a safety tip. Don’t forget to keep an eye out behind you. Things can ‘sneak’ up and surprise you. If we hadn’t seen it our self we would have thought this was a case of ‘jumping the shark’. Boat safely.

PWC meets boat, no one wins.