Geocache Placed – Wreck Island

Parry Sound Power and Sail Squadron’s sixth GeoBayCache has been placed and confirmed on Wreck Island in the Massasauga Provincial Park. It’s officially Cache #2.

The cache coordinates are:

This is the same as:
45º 08.373′
-080º 05.909′

Depending on whether you are using a Degrees or Degrees/Minutes format.

This is an easier cache to access from the government docks at Wreck Island. The cache itself is less than a hundred meters away from the picnic area. As you are well aware GPS coordinates are at best ‘close’, for a variety of reasons they may be +/- up to ten meters ‘off’. So be sure to look around for the cache in the general area of the coordinates. To make things a little easier a couple of photos are posted below that can help you locate the cache. Please post up a note on our Facebook page, or a comment on this site, when you locate one of the caches.

The Cache on Wreck Island

IMG_1240 IMG_1239