Geocache Placed – Winnett Island

Parry Sound Power and Sail Squadron’s seventh GeoBayCache has been placed and confirmed on Winnett Island. It’s officially Cache #5.

The cache coordinates are:

This is the same as:


Depending on whether you are using a Degrees or Degrees/Minutes format.

This is an easier cache to access from the government docks at Winnett Island, there seems to be lots of deep water. The cache itself is less than a couple hundred meters away from the dock area. As you are well aware GPS coordinates are at best ‘close’, for a variety of reasons they may be +/- up to ten meters ‘off’. So be sure to look around for the cache in the general area of the coordinates. To make things a little easier a couple of photos are posted below that can help you locate the cache. Please post up a note on our Facebook page, or a comment on this site, when you locate one of the caches. Let us know if the cache is missing (it shouldn’t be too hard to find), or it is damaged or missing any items (notepad, pencil/pen, cache cards).

Cache on Winnett Island

IMG_1243 IMG_1242