Low Water Meeting Reports

Provided below is a list of the many documents that were prepared before and after the low water meeting that was held February 6th in Parry Sound. This meeting involved the Mayors, Chiefs and Reeves of Parry Sound and the surrounding communities. I was unable to attend because the meeting was closed to all but participants and the ‘official media’. But the North Star did a nice summary of the meeting, here’s a link to their article if you haven’t seen it already.

The Town of Parry Sound has, since the meeting, posted up the meeting report, the agreed meeting resolution, and the various presentations. You can access the town’s webpage through this link. Or you can open the individual documents through the links below. The Parry Sound Power and Sail Squadron has ‘inventoried’ these documents on this site to ensure continued access to them. Also note that the Town of Parry Sound webpage has a very useful link to the Township of the Archipelago’s website where there are associated documents on the low water issue.

Here are the links to the individual documents hosted on this site related to the low water discussions. They are also available on the Town of Parry Sound’s website through this link.

Mayors, Reeves, Chiefs, Meeting Notes
Mayors, Reeves, Chiefs, Meeting Resolution
Archipelago Presentation
Georgian Bay Association Presentation
Owen Sound Meeting Notes
Midland Meeting Notes